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Micha Sinclair is the resident hardscape design wizard of Rejuvenation Artisans. He incorporates the use of wood, bamboo, metal, and stone into works of solid construction and breathtaking beauty.

Having an instinctual understanding of the natural elegance and form of trees and shrubs, Micha has been an avid student and practitioner of aesthetic pruning since 2004.

He also brings his unique management and communication skills to the company, connecting Rejuvenation Artisans to clients, like-minded businesses, and institutions such as Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services & Eco-Biz.

Micha worked in the realm of home remodeling before he was coaxed into the great outdoors by his wife Grace in 2004, and supplemented his construction knowledge with his own extensive research into traditional and sustainable building practices. He is well-known for his masterful flair for all kinds of outdoor construction, and he spear-headed the engineering of Rejuvenation Artisans’s stormwater management designs, having been certified by Portland BES in Sustainable Stormwater Management.

Living in Scotland--where ancient stonework abounds--gave Micha a strong perspective on the longevity and sustainability of good building practices.

In addition to being a licensed and bonded general contractor, Micha is also known to delight (perhaps a bit puckishly) in Renaissance history, literature, and theater, and has a BA from Portland State University in all three disciplines.

Grace Constantine-Sinclair is a college certified horticulturist & designer, having worked professionally with plants since 1995. Her initial expertise was in container gardening for exotic animal enclosures and care of carnivorous plants. She was later moved by curiosity into the amazing world of outdoor gardens, where her intriguing designs could broaden with more space.


Grace learned an incredible amount from her wonderful professors at Merritt College's Landscape Horticulture Department, and perhaps even more from plantsmen Roger Raiche and Dave McCrory of Planet Horticulture. She also maintained the award-winning Entry Garden at the San Francisco Botanical Garden from 2002-2004.

Grace has provided design services, aesthetic pruning for irreplaceable specimen trees, horticultural consultation and care for public botanical gardens, private estates, natural area restoration sites, as well as urban landscapes of all kinds.

 She has always been most inspired by nature. Her Native American culture colored her early summers on the reservation in the Arizona desert (Grace is a proud member of the Maricopa Indian Tribe), and remains a counterpoint to her life as an urban indian.

Grace also loves to write stories, paint pictures, and dance. She plans to save the world by inspiring humans with art & nature.

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Our staff are courteous, well trained, and chosen first and foremost for their outstanding level of personal integrity. It is important to us that our clientele know that your homes and businesses are at all times in the hands of people who love creating beauty, and who respect the sanctity of your property as a good guest should.