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Rejuvenation Artisans offers one-on-one tutoring in clients’ home gardens. We teach you in your own garden instead of a classroom setting so that we can solve problems that are specific to your property, and you can gain truly hands-on experience with an expert there to guide you along the way. We’ll help you master environmentally-sound methods while working smarter, not harder.

Pruning: Learn Aesthetic & Healthy Methods

Learn how to correctly and beautifully prune your small trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and vines. Proper pruning technique has its first focus on long-term health and structure of the plant, using horticultural knowledge as its base.

What is Aesthetic Pruning?

As aesthetic pruners we learn to see ‘the tree within the tree’, that helps make the best qualities of the plant shine. Many plants have potential for great beauty in the garden, but the essence of the plant must be revealed. This essence may be found in the graceful lines of the branches, the delicate edges of the leaves, the glorious spring blooms, fantastically textured bark, or bright red winter stems.

Pruning young trees is especially important. The first few years will decide which branches will take the lead in the plant’s overall direction and structure, and we can help the plant along the best possible path with carefully considered pruning. Older plants can be revitalized with pruning; removing dead or unhealthy growth and revealing the beautiful lines beneath can improve the look of an entire landscape.

Design & Maintenance:

Learn How to Create & Keep Your Landscape Healthy, Beautiful, and Safe

Learn how to beautify and maintain your garden using sustainable and organic techniques. Have a garden project that you would like to do, but you aren’t sure where to start? We can give you overall guidance for care of your garden, or help you with specific subjects. We can also help you select the best tools and products to use, as well as where to find them. Learn when, why, and how to apply various techniques so that your work produces the best results.

Special topics include:

  1. -Want to remove your lawn and plant a garden that needs no summer water, but have no idea which plants would work for your space? We can help assess your site and provide suggestions on plant varieties designed to thrive in your location.

  2. -Do you have one problem location on your property that desperately needs help (i.e., a boggy area where nothing seems to grow; an ugly wall that needs to be screened; a steep hillside that feels unsafe), and aren’t sure what to do about it? We can problem-solve these areas to assist you in making them into assets instead of headaches.

  3. -Landscape Assessment: Recently acquired a home or business with an existing landscape? We can provide help in identifying the types and overall health of plants on your property, and where improvements should be made for your landscape to function sustainably.

  4. -Gardening safely for your pets &/or wildlife; identifying plants and garden products that may be poisonous to your animal friends, and offering suggestions for replacement plant or product varieties where necessary.


Your Teacher:

Grace Constantine-Sinclair is a college certified horticulturist & designer, having worked professionally with plants since 1995. Grace’s many accolades include having worked as a horticulturist at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, maintaining the award-winning, and world renowned, Entry Garden.

Grace’s formal education included the study of aesthetic pruning at Merritt College in Oakland, CA, under master pruners Dennis Makishima (who introduced aesthetic pruning to the United States) & Michael Alliger.

Grace has further built on her knowledge with extensive field experience working in multiple roles in public botanical gardens, college campuses, private estates, natural area restoration sites, and city landscapes of all kinds. Grace has aesthetically pruned thousands of plants, and provided services for hundreds of gardens over the years.

Create a habitat that supports wildlife

Discover how to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, using natural and organic methodology. Learn how to support native bees, and properly site a bat-house to entice these nocturnal aviators to come and gobble up mosquitos in the summer. Learn from us how to support our flying and four-legged friends, while at the same time creating a beautiful space for friends and family to enjoy.

Rejuvenation Artisans carries the recommendation of the Backyard Habitat program because of our expertise and dedication in supporting wildlife, and Grace & Micha’s own home garden caries a platinum certification for reaching the highest level of habitat support recognized by the program.

Tutoring sessions in the comfort of your home garden are a flat rate of $200 per visit, for lessons up to two hours in length. Longer sessions may also be booked for an additional fee.